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Homework Help: statistics

Posted by Lily on Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 1:37am.

Can someone please explain to me the procedures for getting an answer to the questions. Step by step would be great since I'm very confused. I know it's probably simple.

* Numerous studies have demonstrated that listening to music while studying can improve memory. To demonstrate this phenomena, a researcher obtains a sample of college students and gives them a standardized memory test while they are listening to background music. under normal circumstances(without music), the scores on the test form a normal-shaped distribution with a mean of lower case mu 25 and a standard deviation of lower case sigma 6. The sample produces a mean score of M=28.

a)If the sample consists of n=4 students, is this result sufficient to conclude that music had a significant effect on memory scores? Use a two-tailed test with alpha level=.05

b) If the sample consists of n=36 students, is this result sufficient to conclude that the music had a significant event? Again, use a two test with alpha level= .05.

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