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Posted by Tim on Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at 4:40pm.

I am confused on how to do the last question.

Calculate molarity of HCl from the volumes of acid and base at the equivalence point and the molarity of NaOH from the titration curve.
(M of Acid)x(v of acid)= (m of base)x(v of added base)

M1= 0.50M of NaOH x 0.050L/0.01505L
M1= 1.661129568 M of HCl

titration curve equivalence volume
Find the molarity of the acid with this equivalence volume.
(equivalence volume = 0.01505L)

What numbers do I use to find the molarity of the acid? Do I use the numbers I used in the first part (0.50M of NaOH and 0.05L of NaOH volume at the equivalence point) or do I use the Moles and Volume when the solution changed colors?

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