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A furniture company displays bedroom sets which require 21 square meters of space and living room sets which require 42 square meters of space. The company, which has 546 square meters of avalible space, wants to display at least 6 bedroom sets and at least 5 living room sets.

If a bedroom set sells for $10,000 and a living room set sells for $18,000, determine the number of bedroom sets and living room sets that must be sold to maximize the amount collected.

16 beds * 21 square meters of space = 336

5 living * 42 square meters of space = 210
add those two up and get the total availible space of 546

16 * 10,000 = $160,000
5 * $18,000 = $90,000
= $250,000 maxed out
So they would need to sell 16 bedroom sets and 5 living room sets

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    You seem to have answered the question. The method is to realize that bedroom sets sell for more per floor area; therefore, once the required minimum number of living room sets(5)is displayed, to use all remaining space for bedroom sets. There is room for 16.

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    draw the graph showing the feasible region. Label the coordinates of the vertices of the feasible region.

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