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A tourist in Ireland wants to visit seven different cities. If the route is randomly selected, what is the probability that the tourist will visit the cities in alphabetical order?

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    One out of 7! = 1/(7*6*5*4*3*2*1)
    = 1/5040

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    ok, so its not 7/49 - right? because I was trying that! Your positive its 1/5040 = 0.001???

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    1/5040 is more like 0.0002
    Yes I am positive. Your chances are 1 in 7 of getting the correct (first in alphabet) city first. Then you still have six others to worry about.

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    thanks so much; could you answer one more question that is taking me ages to do!

    If a student is chosen at random, find the probability of getting someone who is a man or a non-smoker. Round your answer to three decimal places.

    ********non***regular heavy total

    Answer in decimal (round to nearest 3)

    Please help me, I've taken more than an hour to figure this problem out! Please guys! Really appreciate it. Sorry for the stars, I had to make the chart so that it corresponds with the correct data!

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