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I need some help with my science homework. Well it is not really my homework it is my study guide but the actual test is the same as the study guide almost. They just switch around the words and stuff around to mess with your mind. These were just the only 7 problems I need help with out of all 100 problems in the study guide.

The rows in the periodic table indicate the number of _______________ or energy levels
A) points
B) nucleus
C) particles
D) electron orbitals

Columns indicate the number of _________________ in the outer shell.
A) quarks
B) neutrons
C) protons
D) electrons

Calculate the number of moles in 34 grams of copper (Cu).
A) 0.54 moles Cu
B) 63.5 moles Cu
C) 34 moles Cu
D) 54 moles Cu

Convert 22 grams of copper to atoms of copper (Cu). Hint: Remember Avogadro
A) 2.09 X 1023
B) 3.5 X 1023
C) 1.09 X 1023
D) 6.5 X 1023

Calculate the number of g that are in 39.0 mol of CaO.
A) 2190 g or 2.19 x 103 g
B) 56g
C) 16 g or 1.6 x 103 g
D) 5190 g or 5.19 x 103 g

Calculate the number of mol that are in 0.608 g of SiO2.
A) 0.0535 mol or 5.35 x 10-2 mol
B) 60.804 mol
C) 0.0608 mol or 6.08 x 10-2 mol
D) 0.0101 mol or 1.01 x 10-2 mol

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    25. A
    34g Cu * 1 mole Cu/
    63.54 which equals
    26. A

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