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1)Solve 3+2(1-x)>6 or 2x+14<=8. Graph the solution set on a number line.

The number line I'm working with is:
-4 -3 -2 -1 0 1

First solution:
x> -1/2
for the graph, I have an open circle between 0 and 1 and the arrow going right.

Second solution:
2x<= -6
x<= -3
for the graph, I have a closed circle on the -3 and the arrow going left.

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    seem right to me.

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    You made an error in the first part.

    for the first one you had
    x> -1/2

    when you divide by a negative, the inequality sign has to be reversed, so it is
    x < -1/2

    so that would be an open circle at -1/2 and the line going to the left.

    since your relations are joined with OR and the second one is x < -3
    the actual solution would be the first graph above.

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