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Posted by Sherri on Saturday, February 23, 2008 at 9:37pm.

Could someone double check me
Write the answer in lowest terms
5/9 + 8/9 = 13/18

What is the perimeter of a rectangle if the length is 7/11 ft and the width is 2/11ft?
Answer: 9/11 ft

Write the answer in lowest term
17/36 13/36
Answer: 1/9

8/15 + 3/20
Answer: 11/35

1 3/8 + 4 + 2 1/6
Answer: 8 1/3

Write in decimal form
Answer: 0.26

For the decimal 8.62354
What is the place value of 5
Answer: ten-thousandths

Write the following as a common fraction or mixed number
Answer: 76/100

Round to the indicated decimal place
63.7937 Thousandths
Answer: 63.794
54.843 + 2.067 + 104.36
Answer: 161.27

Flor is putting a fence around a field. The field is rectangular and measures 6.86 yards (yd) long and 17.48 yd wide. How much fence must Flor purchase?
Answer: 24.34 yd

To convert from kilometers (km) to meters (m), multiply by 1000. How many meters are there in 6.2m?
Answer: 6,200m

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