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algebraic reasoning

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the relationship b/w the distance d, in feet, required to stop a vehicle and s, the speed in miles per hour that the vehicle was traveling, is given by the equation


f represents the coefficient of friction b/w the tires and the road

*it took a car 205 feet to stop. what speed was the car traveling? use f=0.3 and round your answer to the nearest mile per hour.

i did 205= 0.0155s(squared)/0.3...idk how to solve this

  • algebraic reasoning -

    205 = 0.0155 s^2 / 0.3
    multiply both sides by 0.3
    61.5 = 0.0155 s^2
    divide both sides by 0.0155
    3968 = s^2
    take the square root of both sides
    63 miles per hour

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