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Polar to Rectangular Form

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The letters r and theta represent polar coordinates. Write each equation in rectangular coordinates (x, y) form.

Let t = theta

(1) r = sin(t) + 1

(2) r = sin(t) - cos(t)

  • Polar to Rectangular Form -

    Where you not given, or does your text not have formulas for changing from polar to rectangular????

    I will do the first one

    r^2 = x^2 + y^2 and sin(theta) = y/r

    so you have

    √(x^2+y^2) = y/√(x^2+y^2) + 1

    multiply each term by √(x^2+y^2)

    x^2+y^2 = y + √(x^2+y^2)

    try the second one yourself, cos(t) = x/r

  • Polar to Rectangular Form -


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