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Pre Algebra

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This is about Reasoning Strategy...
It says this:

3a. What is the y-intercept of the trend line?
3c. Write an equation for the trend line in slope-intercept form.
I don't really know what they mean?
Please help me.

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    3a. The y-intercept is where the line crosses the y axis. The y axis is the line going up and down. So if the line crossed at positive two your y-intercept would be +2.

    3c. When they say write it in slope form they mean y=mx+b. M= slope b= y-intercept. Like if your slope went down 2 over 1 and your y-intercept was positive two your equation would look like this

    Y = 2/1x + 2

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    I don't quite get 3c still?

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    whats y-intercept 4 and 5

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