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Science Proof-reader needed!

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The current research project involves examining the photoreceptors of the fruit fly, Drosophila Melanogaster. Over the last 6 weeks, I have been spending about 2 hours a week working with a program called ImageJ and various slices of photoreceptor cells of Drosphila. I have recorded data such as number of vesicles, number of capitate projections, and the calculated area on Excel. I have spent about 3 hours reading the background information suggested by my supervisor, Jane Anne Horne.

There are 6 slices to be examined per a section of a photoreceptor cell, and there are 10 sections of a photoreceptor cell to be examined per group member. I have been responsible for examining the non-synaptic photoreceptor of a cell, while Lindsay has been responsible for examining the synaptic photoreceptor of a cell. So far, about 8 sections have been examined. When data collection for the non-synaptic photoreceptor is complete, I will calculate the volume of each section of the photoreceptor cell using the area recorded. With the volume and the number of vesicles recorded; I will calculate the density of vesicles in a photoreceptor cell, and with the volume and the number of capitate projections recorded, I will calculate the density of capitate projections in a photoreceptor cell.

When the data collection is completed, I will choose a section of the non-synaptic photoreceptor whose 6 slices are most consistent in its area, number of vesicles and capitate projections, and reconstruct the section using a program called Amira.

Statistical analysis will include t-tests, to compare the non-synaptic photoreceptor to the synaptic photoreceptor. I will represent the results of the project by using a graph of the t-test.

Thanks in advance!

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    It is to the point, however, one suggestion is to remove personal pronouns and shift to third person. An example in the second paragraph:

    When the data collecton is completed, a section of the non-synaptic photoreceptor will be chosen. The criteria for the chosen photoreceptor will be the one whose six slices are most....

    Yes, your sentences are too long, lots of commas, semicolons. Short sentences make for easy reading.

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