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Homework Help: Frakenstein-ENGLISh

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 10:04pm.

sorry once again...i know i've been bothering everyone about this topic. I have to do a research paper about basically anything related to science fiction. first i decided to do a research paper on mary shelley. but i didn't find it interesting. and since the length of the paper is long i wanted to write something that was interesting to me. so instead i want to do symbolism of frankenstein. so far i have

how the aspects of the novel Frankenstein symbolizes of what it mean to be a human. Even though, this novel was written before this century, the symbolism represented in the novel is still the same today. It represents every human being’s in general. The first representation is the main character, Frankenstein trying to create life. This symbolizes human being’s desire to be god or superior. It also represents desire to become well-know and famous in the society’s eyes. It shows how a human being becomes so attached and committed into his/her own goal, that he/she doesn’t take the negative and positive outcomes and how it would have an affect to the society into consideration. It also shows a regular human being living in any century, about what they would do for money and wealth. Another symbolism used in the novel is the rejection of the monster. This symbolizes how a human being can be ironically disgusted of his/her own sin. No matter how much the human being runs away and tries to hide his/her sin from others, but it will keep on haunting them. The rejection of the monster symbolizes how the society treats each other by racism and stereotype.

is there any more symbolism represented in the novel?
thnk u

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