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Please help me with these problems.

Decimals and fractions

Construction: an a-frame cabin has a triangular front with a base of 30 ft and a height of 20 ft. If the front is to be glass that cost $3 per square foot, what will the glass cost?

The distance from Philadelphia to Sea Isle City is 100 mi. A car was driven this distance using tires with a radius of 14 in. How many revolutions of each tire occurred on the trip?

Statistics: The following table gives the free throws attempted (FTA) and the free throws made (FTM) for the top five players in the NBA for a recent season. Calculate the free throw percentage for each player by writing the FTM over the FTA and converting this fraction to a decimal
Player FTM FTA
Allan Houston 363 395
Ray Allen 316 345
Steve Nash 308 339
Troy Hudson 208 231
Reggie Miller 207 230

Statistics: The following table gives the winning percentages of the top five coaches in NFL history. What fraction of his games has each coach won?
Coach Percentage
Don Shula 0.676
George Halas 0.672
Tom Landry 0.606
Curly Lambeau 0.624
Paul Brown 0.667

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    A frame
    area = (1/2) base * height
    cost = 3 times area

    1 revolution = 2 pi r = 6.28 * 14 = 87.9 in
    100 mi (5280 ft/mile)(12 in/ft) =6,336,000 in
    6,336,000 in ( 1 rev/87.9 in) =72,082 rev

    100 *(number made / total number of attempts)

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