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a ski slope on a mountian has an angle of elevation of 25.2 degrees. the vertical height of the slope is 1808 feet. how long is the slope?

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    This is using your trig function.

    sine = opposite/hypotenuse
    In this problem, we are finding the hypotenuse. Think of the mountain as a right triangle.

    sin(25.2) = 1808/x and you are solving for x.

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    i tried doing that but my hypotenuse was smaller then my opposite... is that ok...

    sin(25.2)= .4257 then i divided by 1808 to get x by itself and i got...

    2.3535 E -4

    wouldn't that be wrong?

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    No - you should have done 1808/.4257 and get 4246.33.

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    We use sine = opp/hyp

    Let x be the height of the slope that we are seeking.

    sin(25.2 degrees) = 1808 feet/x

    Multiply both sides by x and we get:

    sin(25.2 degrees)(x) = 1808 feet

    Next: Divide both sides by sin(25.2 degrees) to find x.

    x = 1808 feet/sin(25.2 degrees)

    x = ????

    Can you finish?

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