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Tickets to a movie cost $7.25 for adults and $5.50 for students. A group of friends purchased 8 tickets for $52.75.
Write a system of equations to represent the situation.
How many adult tickets and student tickets were purchased?

  • substitution -

    A + C = 8
    7.25 A + 5.5 C = 52.75

    Solve for A (# of adult tickets) and C (# of children's tickets)

  • substitution -

    let the number of adult tickets be x
    then the number of student tickets will be 8-x

    7.25x + 5.5(8-x) = 52.75


  • substitution -

    Thank you. I'm really having problems with math.

  • substitution -

    i need help with substitution

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