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The area of a right triangle is 44m squared. Find the lengths of its legs if one of the legs is 3m longer than the other.

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    (1/2)x(x+3) = 44
    x is the shorter of the two legs
    x^2 + 3x -88 = 0
    That factors easily. (Think 11 x 8)
    Take the positive root.

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    Formula needed is:

    A = 1/2(base)(height)

    44 = 1/2(x + 3)(x)

    One leg is 3m longer than the other can be expressed as (x + 3).

    The other leg is simply the letter (x).

    In other words, (x + 3) is one of the legs and the letter (x) is the other leg.

    This is your equation:

    44 = 1/2(x + 3)(x)

    Can you solve for x?

    If not, write back and I will help you.

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