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I did a science experiment on batteries. I ran five brands of AA Alkaline batteries until they would no longer run a small light bulb. I measured the voltage of each battery every hour.

I did this experiment four times using the same type of light bulb and the same brand of batteries from the same four pack of batteries.

The same brand of batteries acted differently during each run.

Sometimes the would spike when they should have dropped. Sometimes they ran significantly longer than there usual pattern.

Why do AA batteries run so differently from each other? Most cost a similar amount of money. All had the same use by date. Why does one battery last six hours and another last 10. Aren't they made of the same chemicals?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The "copper-top" batteries advertise that they run longer. You had an interesting experiment. Perhaps the literature on each package will tell you something; some may have been on the shelf longer, etc. Here are some websites to visit. The first one compares lithium AA batteries but you may not have used that kind.



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