February 20, 2017

Homework Help: why doesn't anybody ever help me.

Posted by todi on Thursday, February 14, 2008 at 9:03pm.

1. three point charges, q1, q2, q3, lie along the x-axis at x = 0,3,5, respectively. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the net electric force on q1 if q1 = +6 x 10^-6 C, q2 = +1.5 X 10^-6 C and q3 = -2.0 x 10^-6 C.

my answre is 46.8 N to the right. is that correct?

2. a charge of +2.0 x 10^-3 C is placed at the origin, and antoher charge of +4.0 x 10^-3 C is placed at x = 2m.
if a test charge, q, of +3 x 10^-9 C is placed at 1m, then determine the net electric field at that point.

my answer is 5.4 x 10^7 N/C
is that correct

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