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1.choose the sentence in which pronouns are used correctly.a.just between you and I,I am not impressed by our new manager.b.Be sure to divide all income from the suburban property between he and I.c.I sat between him and her during the sales conference.d.I hope she will keep this between she and I.
2. select the sentence in which verb agrees with the subject.a.a copy of Moby dick and a magazine has disappeared from my room.b.Peggy or Phyllis drive me to Florida every winter.c.Les and Miranda is late for work today.d. Not only the mufflier but also the spark plugs need to be replace.
3.Which sentences contains predicate adjective?a.jerry looks at the map.b.jerry looks ill today.c.jerry looks into the microscope.d.jerry loooks disdainfullu at the pile of laundry.4.choose the sentence that agrees with pronoun and antecedent.a.Maureen called the children for her meal.b.the waiter refilled their glasses as they emptied it.c.Mary and jill wonn't eat her begetables.d.the boys want their dessert now.

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    Please let us know what YOU THINK the correct answers are -- then someone here will be able to give you feedback.



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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. We always like to know what YOU choose so we can explain anything you don't understand.

    1. is c
    2. nothing is correct unless the last word of "d" is replaced.
    3. d. with misspelling
    4. d.

    Please leave more spaces between the sentences; they run together. "vegetables" is vegetables.

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