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i have written an argument paragraph, but my grammar is bad. so can someone tell me how to proofread my paragraph. thx

The issue of whether cell phone is endangering people¡¦s safety on the road is still hotly debated. The article, ¡§Cell phones: a call for driving accidents¡¨ from Loquitur, by Brad Diamond, points out that there are reasons why should cell phone be banned. First of all, Statistics show that cell phones have been the cause for some accidents. According to Diamond, ¡§Cell phone distraction causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States every year.¡¨ Since using cell phone while driving has been a contributing factor of many car accidents, Diamond reported that New York and New Jersey have already banned cell phone use in cars. In addition, talking on a phone while driving is hazardous, for it reduces our ability to control the vehicle. Having to dial phone numbers and answering calls are visually and mentally distracting. ¡§Some people get so wrapped up, especially in an emotional phone call, that they completely lose the necessary focus to drive a car¡¨ said Diamond. Driving while distracted is dangerous. It not only jeopardizes our lives, but also risks the life of the pedestrians. People should abstain from using cell when they are driving

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