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Comparing Sexism with Racism

Feminist writers Marylyn Cudd and Leslie Jones, suggest that comparing sexism with racism, can help indentify women’s oppression. “Sexism” a comparative analysis essay, contains that, racism, like sexism, is grounded in the assumption that people can be categorized into different groups based on a necessary set of shared physical, psychological characteristics. Sexism and racism have similar social mechanism; systematic violence and economic disadvantage. Cudd and Jones claim that “both are different to pinpoint, but can be statistically documented and are much more readily perceived by the victims than by the respective dominant groups” (pg 75). Also, sexism and racism affect individuals psychologically, as well as, give rise to a powerful “backlash” when they are publicly challenged (pg 75).

In addition, Cudd and Jones reject the explanation for sexual inequality based on women being inferior, by nature, to men. To this they declare that there is insufficient scientific evidence in which makes the argument weak.
They, however, prefer the second explanation, in which women are systematically disadvantage by society.

They define sexism as a “systematic, pervasive but often subtle force that maintains the oppression of women and that is at work through institutional structures, in interpersonal interactions and the attitudes that are expressed in them, and in cognitive linguistic, and emotional process of individual minds” (pg 76). In short, sexism structures our very experience of the world, and makes us that world on the whole worse for women than for men.
Cudd and Jones indicate what makes the sexist attitudes into oppression is their attachment to “systematic inequality”. Therefore, because of this oppression, women are not able to achieve the reality of their hidden political and moral capabilities.
Finally, it’s not enough just to say that there are sexist attitudes and institutions that shape women’s lives or even that these are interconnected in important ways. In order to be a feminist in general, one arguably has to accept a certain causal story

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