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Can someone tell me if this makes any sense or if I need to start over. I am not sure if it even answers the question.

Why is the benzene molecule represented as “a flat cyclohexane with a ring inside?”
The benzene molecule is represented as “a flat cyclohexane with a ring inside” because it is easier to display this way on paper even though it does not actually look like this. Displaying it this way helps to show the carbon atoms are not connected by alternating single and double bonds, but are connected by delocalized double bonds (or electrons are available to all of the carbon atoms at the same time); making the benzene molecule stable. In Benzene all carbon to carbon atoms are the same length (greater than a double bond but shorter than a single). By being delocalized the electrons are freely associated with all six of the carbon atoms in the ring (there are not enough to form double bonds). With this the atoms can equally strength the bonds in the ring equally.

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    That is as good as it gets.

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