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In watermelons the allele for green color and for short shape are dominant over the alleles for striped color and for long shape. A plant with long striped fruit is crossed with one heterozygous for both characteristics. The results are:

green, short: 14
green, long: 96
striped, short: 80
striped, long: 10

Assuming the parents of the heterozygous plant were homozygous for both traits, you can predict that: (which statements are true/false and why?)

a. the genes for colour and shape are on separate chromosomes

b. the genes for color and shape are so close together on the same chromosome that no crossovers have occured

c. the alleles for green color and long shape are on the same chromosome

d. the alleles for striped color and short shape are on the same chromosome


a. false, because the results are not 50% recombiant offspring.
b. false, crossover has occured as the offspring are not identical to parents
c. ?
d. ?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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