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3.) A 5.00 x 10^2 g block of metal absorbs 5016 joules of heat when its temperature changed from 20 degrees C to 30 degrees C. Calculate the specific heat of the metal.

I used the formula and came with two answers

100.32 joules and 10.01 joules.

Which is correct?

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    q = mass x specific heat x delta T.
    5016 = 5.00 x 10^2 x Cp x 10
    5016 = 5.00 x 10^3 Cp
    Cp = 5016/5.00x10^3 = 1.003 J/g*C (You didn't put units on your answer, a No, No.)
    I can understand how you might get a power of 10 off but I don't understand how you can get two answers. You will need to round the answer to the correct number of significant figures.

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