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Physical Science

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I wanted to know if I came to the correct answer in the following problem...
Thank You

I used:


A silver bar 0.125 meter long is subjected to a temperature change from 200 degrees celsius to 100 degrees celsius. What will be the length of the bar after the temperature change?

My answer:
0.00002363 meter

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    I don't get that.


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    What you have calculated is the CHANGE in length. The question asks for the LENGTH of the bar. I think you asked a similar question yesterday and Dr Russ pointed out to you that the change was calculated correctly but you needed to add the change to the initial length to obtain the length after the change. This is the same case here; remember that the change in length can be either positive or negative. Note that the temperature changed from 200 to 100 degrees C, meaning that it was cooled. Does that mean the silver bar expanded or contracted?

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    And I didn't get 4 zeros after the decimal, I obtained only 3 zeros after the decimal.

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