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Hexane is a hydrocarbon (a molecule containing only carbon and hydrogen) with a molecular weight of 86.18 g/mol,
a density of 0.660 g/mL, and a boiling point of 69C .

Pentanol is an alcohol (a hydrocarbon with a "OH" group attached to one of its carbons) with a molecular weight of
88.15 g/mol, a density of 0.814 g/mL, and a boiling point of 137C .

Calculate the volumes if 5.00 moles of each chemical is present.

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    Do you assume the volumes are additive? They are not necessarily additive but if you assume they are, then,
    1 mol hexane has mass of 86.18 g and volume = mass/density = 86.18/0.660 = ??. That x 5 (for 5 mols) = volume of 5 mols hexane.
    Same kind of calculation for pentanol, then add them together.

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