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The element Sc has hcp packing with a hexagonal unit cell. The density of scandium is 3.00E3 kg/m3 and the cell volume is 5.00E-26 L. Calculate the value of Avogadro's number to 3 significant figures based on these data. Note: the value may differ from the listed value.

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    I could convert 3.00E3 kg/m^3 to density of ?? g/cc.
    Then mass of unit cell is volume x density = xx grams.
    The hexagonal close packing produces 2 atoms/unit cell; therefore, that is the mass for 2 atoms. Divide by 2 to obtain the mass of 1 atom.
    Then look up the mass of Sc from the periodic table and that mass is the mass of a mole which contains Avogadro's number of atoms.
    N = atomic mass x (1 atom/?? g) = xx atoms. I worked through this very fast and obtained about 6 x 10^23.
    Check my thinking. Check my work.

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    My answer that i got is 5.99E22

    i followed your step all the way till the periodic table..

    from there i got Sc atomic mass as 44.96 g

    then i multiply it by i atom/7.50E-22

    then i got the answer my steps and answer correct?

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    yes. That's the answer I obtaied also. On the others you posted above, I didn't go through any of them in detail. They follow the same general principles. But if you have trouble, post your work and tell us in detail about what you don't understand.

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