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a weight of 12 N causes a spring to stretch 3.0 cm. what is the spring comstant k of the spring?

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    spring constant (k)
    = (force)/(deflection)
    In this case, the force is the weight, 12 Newtons.

    If you want the answer in Newtons per meter, change the 3.0 cm to 0.030 m before dividing.

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    what is the deflection 3.0

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    F = k x like he said
    Yes, deflection x = 3.0 cm
    k = 12/3 Newtons / centimeter
    which is of course 4 N/cm

    Most of us would do this in meters rather than cm but I see in your other question posted N/cm were used so I am leaving it that way.

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