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The lenth of a room is 3 more thean twice the width of the room. The perimeter of the room is 66 feet. What are the dimensions of the room?
(Let x=the width fo the room.)

Book gives the following for the answer:

x + x =(3 + 2x) + (3 + 2x)=66

width=10, lenth=23

I am not clear how to set up the equation for this word problem and how to calculate it out?

  • Alebgra - ,

    The first = sign should be +.
    You can make x the width of the room.
    The length will then be 2x+3, since it is 3 more than twice the width.
    Now, just add up the four sides, which =66. Your equation will be
    x + x +(2x + 3) + (2x + 3) = 66
    Combine like terms and you have
    6x + 6 = 66
    To solve this equation, subtract 6 from both sides. You now have
    6x = 60
    Now, divide both sides by 6 to get x by itself
    x = 10 (width) and (2x+3)=23 (length)

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