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spanish sra Mcguin

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use correct form of ser or estar

aqui______1_____ nosotros Luquillo.
Este lugar _____2_________magnifico! La playa_________3________la mas bella del mundo. Yo no _________4______aburrida para nada. Hay mucho que hacer aqui. Hoy Truilia y Walter ___5____ aprendiendo a ir de vela. Bueno, ___6_____las dos y yo _________7_____ cansada. Saludos a todos!

1. somos
3 es
4 esta
5 somos
6. son
7. esta

  • spanish sra Mcguin - ,

    ¡Hola! Just got upstairs after being scolded by my doctor for even walking on my foot with boot! This is no doubt NOT in time for you this morning. NOTE: If you just label if "Spanish" anyone will answer it for you!

    1., 2., 3., look fine
    #4 You didn't see the word "Yo" so the form must be "estoy"
    #5: You missed Truilia y Walter = ellos so the verb is "están" as this is the Present Progressive (estar + -ndo/gerund)
    #6 is fine
    #7 = you missed the subject "yo" so the verb must be "estoy"

    Always verify that the subject and verb match!


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