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Think anyone at there can help me?! ^_^;

Today unions (A) have generally experienced a tremendous increase in membership (B) have not succeeded in organizing any white-collar workers (C) are divided into two large organizations, the A.F.L. and the C.I.O. (D) have generally experienced a decline in membership, especially in unions associated with manufacturing jobs.

The American Federation of Labor was an organization of (A) unskilled factory workers (B) skilled workers in particular trades (C) both of these.

In a closed shop union membership is (A) not permitted at all (B) required after hiring (C) required before hiring.

One of the major differences between the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations was that the C.I.O. Argued that (A) the A.F.L. Was too radical in its proposals (B) workers should be organized according to their craft or trade (C) all the workers in a particular industry should be organized into one union.

The Taft-Hartley Act contained (A) more provisions favoring labor than the Wagner Act (B) limitations on both business and organized labor (C) only provisions favoring employers.

Compared to the Knights of Labor, the American Federation of Labor (A) was open to more groups of people (B) lasted for a shorter period of time (C) less political in its goals.

Before the Clayton Act both business and the American Federation of Labor were in favor (A) strikes (B) a laissez faire policy on the part of the government (C) injunctions (D) collective bargaining.

Today most franchise agreements (A) are for a limited number of years (B) require the public utility to pay a share of its profits (C ) none of these (D) both A and B.

Public utilities are regulated by (A) franchise agreements (B) public service commissions or public utility boards (C ) no agreement or governmental body as they are privately owned (D) both A and B.

Railway travel from New York to Chicago would be regulated by (A) only New York State's government )B) only Chicago's state government (C ) federal as well as state agencies.

In the United states which one of the following utilities would most likely be owned by the public? (A) airline company (B) television company (C ) sewage treatment plant (D) television station.

A public utility (A) is a monopoly (B) makes use of public property ( C) does not ordinarily compete with other public utilities of the same kind in a community (D) all of these.

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