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I asked this question earlier and wasn't sure what the answer was. Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined?


Can someone help me figure this out?

Is the answer 0?

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    Please be careful about parentheses when using a keyboard
    (3/9)w + 7 undefined for w=0
    [3/(9w)] + 7 undefined for w = 0
    3/(9w+7) undefined for w = -7/9

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    there are no parentheses that's why i didn't put any in the problem

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    you have to add them when using computer keyboard or we have trouble being sure what you mean
    with no parentheses, you have to mean
    [3/(9w)] + 7 by order of operations rules

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    Whoa, I take that back
    if there are no parentheses or other indication of what is numerator and what is denominator, you do the multipications and divisions left to right, and later additions and subtractions
    (3/9) w + 7
    never undefined

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