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multiplying sq rts

sqrt18a^7b times sqrt27a^8b^6

I think I need to collect like terms such as the a's and b's. My big problem is order of operations. Every problem I do looks so different.

  • Algebra -

    18 = 9 * 2 then sqrt 18 = 3sqrt2
    sqrt a^7 = a^3 * sqrt a

    27 = 9 * 3 then sqrt 27 = 3 sqrt3
    sqrt a^8 = a^4
    sqrt b^6 = b^3

    Now just multiply the like-terms together.

  • Algebra -

    3sqrt6 and sqrt2a^4

  • Algebra -

    ... 3sqrt6 and sqrt2a^4?

    So you simplified the problem first as I said above and you get:

    3(a^3)sqrt(2a) * 3(a^4)(b^3)sqrt(3)

    and then you multiply those 2 things together and you get:


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