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Please read the following instructions (related project code) carefully:
You'll be expected to observe good programming standards.
• Project code must follow C++ syntax
• Data used in each project must be retrieve and saved in Text Files
• Your project may cover the concepts learnt in CS201 particularly
1. Structures
2. Dynamic memory allocation
3. Text Files
4. Classes , Friend functions ,Function overloading
• You must include a comment explaining the purpose of every variable you use in your program.
• You must use meaningful, suggestive, self-explanatory variable names.
• Precede every major block of your code with a comment explaining its purpose.
• Indent the code properly for making it more understandable

Project : 01
Project Title: ATM Counter
Project Description:
This program is supposed to simulate a ATM Counter of Virtual Bank Ltd.Using this program customer will be able to perform various transactions (Transactions types) such as
• Withdrawals
• Deposits
• Balance Enquiry
• Generate a Mini Statement
A new user account can also be created using this program.
The ATM Counter program should have the following features
1. The ATM counter screen should ask for the following inputs for registered customers.
• Account number
• Password
• Transaction type
• Amount
2. The transaction should be processed only for already registered customers
3. New customer can also be registered using ATM counter. The ATM counter screen should ask for the following inputs from customers for opening a new account
• Account Number
• Password
• Opening Balance
The opening balance entered by customer should not be less than 500.If it is, the message “The minimum opening balance must be 500 or more” should be displayed. The record should be entered in ATM File.
4. If transaction type entered by user is “Withdrawal” the program should first check whether there is sufficient balance in customer’s account. If not, an error message should be displayed. Alternatively a message showing the net balance amount should be displayed, as “Your balance is _________.”
5. If selected transaction is “Deposit” the net balance should be displayed.
6. if “Balance Enquiry option is selected , a message showing the current balance is displayed
7. If Transaction type is Mini Statement then account detail should be displayed
After every transaction the customer account should be updated

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