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Sneakers were on sale for 25% off their original price. Lola bought a pair of sneakers that had an original price of $43. She also paid a slaes tax 7.25% on the sale price of the sneakers. How much did Lola pay for the pair of sneakers? Round to the nearest cent.

So far, I multilpied 43 by .25 and I got 10.75. Then I subtracted 10.75 from 43 and I got 22.25. I need to know how to do the sales tax to get the answer.

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    You made a mistake in your subtraction.

    43 - 10.75 = 32.25

    Next, multiply 0.0725 * 32.25. Round the answer to the hundredths place.

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    So, do you add the product to 32.25? If so, I rounded the sales tax to 2.34 and added 2.34 to 32.25 and I got 34.59.

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    Yep. You're right. Lola paid $34.59.

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