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The total pressure in a flask containing air and ethanol at 25.7C is 878 mm Hg. The pressure of the air in the flask at 25.7C is 762 mm Hg. If the flask is immersed in a water bath at 45.0C, the total pressure is 980 mm Hg. The vapor pressure of ethanol at the new temperature is mm Hg.
Hint: you will need to correct the pressure of air at the new temperature using the Gas Law: P1/T1 = P2/T2

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    This is the third time I have seen this question posted here. I see you changed the water bath temperature to something that makes sense: 45 C instead of 450. I explained how to to do this several days ago. The method remains the same.

    The partial pressure air increases by a factor (273+45)/(273 + 25.7)= 1.0646, making the new partial pressure of air
    762*1.0646 = 811 mmHG. The new partial pressure of alcohol is then 980-811 = 169 mmHg. This is higher than it was at the lower temperature, which makes sense for a change.

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