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Is there someone out there that can tell me if I answered this right or if I need to study some more? Thanks

What is it that makes water such a good solvent for polar substances? Why is it called the universal solvent?

Water is such a good solvent for polar substances because water itself is a polar substance. The oxygen atom in the molecules shares electrons with two hydrogen atom. The oxygen atom has more electronegative than the two hydrogen ones making the O-H bonds polar (the oxygen atom has a partial negative charge in each polar bonds and the hydrogen atoms have a partial positive charge). It is called a universal solvent because of this (the way it is made up) it can go well with just about every liquid possible. Along with the molecules they bring along chemicals, nutrients, and minerals with it.

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    I think you have done a great job but I would suggest a change or two near the end. I would place a period at the end of ------because of this (the way it is made up). I suggest this primarily because it dissolves SOLIDS as well as liquids. I would strike the last sentence because it is superfluous material. The sentence is true enough but it doesn't have anything to do with why water is a good solvent.

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