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what is the gcf of 8x squared y, 12x to the fourth y to the fourth, and 20x cubed?

a)8x squared y
b)4x squared y
c)8x squared
d)4x squared

I don't have an answer. The gcf is 4. I think the answer is either b and d. Which one is it?

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    If gcf means Greatest Common Factor, that would be 4 x^2. It is the largest factor common to all three terms. The CGF does not just involve the constant coefficients. That is why it is not 4 in this case.

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    is the answer d?

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    When I wrote 4x^2, that means the same as where you wrote 4x squared. But it is x that is squared, not 4x.

    This is the last of your questions that I will be answering until you show some effort or thought process of your own

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