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Simplify the expression (x to the fourth power times x cubed)squared/x to the 4.

b)x to the fifth
c)x to the tenth
d)x to the 20

I kind of confused. I tried to divide by 4, but i couldn't get anything. I need help?

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    [x^4*x^3]^2/x^4 = (x^7)^2/x^4 = x^14/x^4 =?

    Remember that exponents get added when you multiply and subtracted when you divide terms of the form x^a, if all terms are powers of x
    For example x^a*x^b = x^(a+b)
    (x^a)^b = x^(ab)
    x^a/x^b = x^(a-b)

    Now you complete that last step.

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    What is the simplified form of 30 times x to the sixth power over 14 times y to the fifth power times the fraction 7 times y squared over 6 times x to the fourth power?

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