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Rename percent as fractions and fractions as percents.

66 2/3%

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    To change fractions to percents, divide the numerator by the denominator and move the decimal point two places to the right.

    Example: 1/10 = 0.10 = 10%

    To change a percent to a fraction, move the decimal point two places to the left and then read it as a fraction.

    Example: 40% = 0.4 = 4/10 = 2/5

    If you do the rest of the problems, we'll be glad to check them.

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    what about the other ones they are more confusing

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    i am a proper fraction. My denominator is less then 10. My denominater and numerator are prime numbers. I am equal to 0. Who am i?

    I am a percent less than 3/4. I am a percent greater than 2/3. I have consecutive digits. Who am i?

    how much is 200% of 7?

    divide 15 by 1/8. What is 50% of that number?

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    Please try them, Brittany, so that we can tell what you find confusing about them.

    Note we do not DO student's homework.

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    well u can help

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    I've already shown you how to do these problems -- and have given you the answers to three of them. Your turn. :-)

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