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if you have two similar polygons and the scale factor is 3:5 and 12 times square root of 3 is one side, what is the cooresponding side

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    let the other side be x

    You don't say if 12SQRT(3) is a side in the smaller polygo, I will assume it is

    then x/12SQRT(3) = 5/3

    cross-multiply, and solve for x

    If your given side is in the large polygon, then use

    x/12SQRT(3) = 3/5

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    it the smaller side.. bt i don't know how to do the sq root

  • geometry -

    x/12SQRT(3) = 5/3
    3x = 60SQR(3)
    x = 20SQR(3)

    SQRT(3) = appr 1.7321 (use your calculator to find it)
    x = 20(1.7321)
    = 34.642 (appr)

    In higher math classes you would leave the answer in the form of 20SQRT(3)
    notice the ratio of 12SQRT(3)/20SQRT(3)
    = 3/5 or 3:5

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