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Homework Help: spanish sra Mcgin

Posted by Megan on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 5:21pm.

I need this checked, I wrote the question then the answer in spanish and then translated it into what I said but i'm not sure if it's right:

1.Que es el suceso?
El suceso es una fiesta.
What is the event?
The event is a party.

2.Que tipo fiesta?
Una fiesta de cumpleanos.
What kind of party?
A birthday party.

3.Quien cumpleanos?
Gabriel's cumpleanos?
Whose birthday?
Gabriela's birthday.

4.Cuantos anos tienes para su cumpleanos?
Cuantos 15 anos.
How old is she turning on her birthday?
She is turining 15 years old.

5.Ella celebrar su quincenera?
Si, ella celebrar su quiencenera.
Is she celebrating her quincenera?
Yes she is celebrating her quincenera.

6. Quien es invitar?
Gabriela's amigos son invitar.
Who is invited?
Gabriela's friends are invited.

7.Donde esta la fiesta?
La fiesta es a Gabriela's casa.

8.A que hora es la fiesta?
La fiesta es la una de la tarde en jueves 7 de agosto de 2008.
At what time is the party?
It's at 1:00 in the afternoon on Thursday, the 7th of August 2008.

9.Es la fiesta exterior o interior?
La fiesta es exterior.
Is the party outside or inside?
The party is outside.

10.Debo traigo algo?
No, es no necesitar.
Should I bring anything?
No, it's not necessary.

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