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Posted by Evets on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 4:32pm.

The activation energy of a certain reaction is 35.3 kJ/mol. At 20 degrees C, the rate constant is 0.0130 s^-1. At what temperature would this reaction go twice as fast?
Answer in units of degrees Celsius.

i think the answer is around 34, but i keep in getting it screwed up.

Consider the following multistep reaction:

C + D <> CD (fast)
CD + D > CD2 (slow)
CD2 + D > CD3 (fast)
C + 3D > CD3 (overall)

determine the rate law for the overall reaction

Answer should be in k[A][B]^2 format

I know the overall reaction has much to do with the slow reaction, but i don't get how to incorporate that into its proper format based on its order


The reactant concentration in a zero-order reaction was 0.100 M after 125 s and 1.50×10−2 M after 385 s. What is the rate constant for this reaction?
What was the initial reactant concentration for the reaction?

I found the rate constant to be 3.27 x 10^-4 M/s, but im having trouble finding initial reactant concentration...

an equation that mite help..
[A]= - kt + [A]0

[A]0 is the initial reactant rate i beleieve.. i thinks...

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