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physics conversions check my answers

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can you check my answers.

1. What is the corresponding barometric pressure values in mmHg if the barometric pressure is reported as:

29.7 inHg. = 754.38mmHg
31.8 inHg. = 807.72mmHg
26.4 inHg. = 670.56mmHg
22.1 inHg. = 561.34mmHg
34.8 inHg. = 883.92mmHg

2. What are the following equivalents:

746 mmHg = 1014.35 cmH2O.
12.4 psi = 25.22 inHg.
28 cmH2O = 20.58 mmHg.
28 cmH20 = 0.0270 atm.
0.88 atm = 668.80 mmHg.

I'm not too confident about the conversions for #2, but hopefully I did them right.


  • physics conversions check my answers -

    All of them are wrong, considering significant digits. One cannot take a three digit number and convert it to a more precise number. The last number 0.88atm, is two sig digits, you converted it to a precision of five digits.

    Otherwise, the numbers have been manipulated in the calculator correctly, except you believed all those digits the calculator presented.

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