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Homework Help: American History

Posted by CM on Monday, January 28, 2008 at 6:43am.

1. Andrew Jackson exerted the power of the presidency by

a. allowing South Carolina to secede from the Union.
b. depositing federal funds in the National Bank.
c. refusing to be bound by Supreme Court decisions.
d. vetoing the Force Act of 1833.

2. The depression of 1837 had its roots in the policies and events of the

a. Tyler administration.
b. Jackson administration.
c. Van Buren administration.
d. Harrison administration.

3. The American System included all of the following except a

a. national transportation system to facilitate trade.
b. protective tariff to protect American industries.
c. decrease in the powers of the federal government.
d. second national bank for a sound financial base.

4. For which group did Jackson help to advance the democratic ideal of equal opportunity?

a. Indians
b. white males
c. women
d. blacks

5. Why did President Jackson oppose the National Bank?

a. He felt the bank benefited rich easterners and harmed poorer westerners.
b. He considered the bank to be an unconstitutional exercise of federal powers.
c. He accused the bank of using its lending power to influence legislation.
d. He opposed the National Bank for all the reasons cited above.

my answers:
is it correct?

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