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I did this experiment and I found these validity issues: they never specified if temperature to be measured in celcius or faren., they never mentioned that the buckets were to be the same, stirring until your arms get tired is not a good idea, but I need three more validity issues?????

DO you consider the companys conclusion valid? How could them improve?

To prevent future brownfield sites the DEP's concer lies in the fact that the chemical in the wastewater eventually reaches natural waterways and affects drinking water. It decided to test the temperatureeffects of a chemial to the natural water that could be contaminating.
Their experiment was based on this statement: We are trying to determine if adding chamiall X to stream water causes the stream water to rise in temperature.

HEre is the procedure:
1. Take two buckets and fill each one about halfway with tap water.
2. Record the temperature of each bucket of water.
3. Put a shovel full of chemical into bucket number 1 and stir until arms get tired. Record the temperature.
4. Put 2 shovel fulls in bucket number two and record temperature.
So it again for accurate results.
Graph and make conclusion

In one bucket the temperature increased from 15 to 35 degrees and in the other bucket the temperature increased from 15 to 37 degrees. They concluded the chemical was responsible for temperature rise.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all WHERE did the experiment come from? Who are THEY? If it came from your textbook, where was it published? If it came from a U.S. site, you can count on F. for the last two.

    We need more information to assist you here.

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    i got this from my teacher and i have to find validity issues for it.
    "They" is the company that did the experiment

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    PS I had to do this too but i don't remember it sorry

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