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Can you help me write and balance this equation. I also have to include the physical states.
Question: When manganese(Mn)is put into dissolved hydrochloric acid(HCl)it produces solid manganese(III)chloride (MnCl3) plus hydrogen.

Thanks :)

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    IF you actually mean MnCl3 (and not MnCl2), the equation is as follows:
    2Mn + 6HCl ==> 2MnCl3 + 3H2
    You can add the states.
    My Merck Index doesn't list Mn(III) chloride. A copy of Cotton and Wilkinson, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, shows a number of complexes of the Mn(III) ion, it lists MnF3 (no MnCl3 but does show a MnCl5=, and states that the Mn(III) ion in water solution is unstble and goes to Mn(II).

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