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could you please check my work?
what is the volume of one mole of solid iron at 25 degrees c?

1 mol Fe/.141 mol/cm^3 = 7.10 cm^3

(the .141 came from converting the density in to moles)

is that correct?

then the next step in the problem is to find the volume of 1 mol of Fe atoms assuming each atom to be spherical. the atomic radius is 0.126 nm.

so i calculated:
4/3 pi (0.126 nm)^3 = .00838 nm^3

is that correct?
thank you for your help.

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    I don't know how you converted density to mols/cc and 55.85/0.141 is not 7.10 BUT 55.85/7.871 = 7.095 g/cc which rounds to 7.10 g/cc and that is the correct answer.
    As for the volume, after reading some of your earlier posts, especially the one about the crystal structure of iron, I wonder if the problem intended for you to go through the unit cell business.

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    By the way, if you are the same John that posted earlier about the boiling point of 2-propanol, I have posted a response to that at the original post. There are two or three things wrong with the way you did it although the Clausius-Clapeyron equation is the correct way to go.

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    well i thought that by knowing the cubic structure maybe i could work backwards but it just ended up confusing me even more.

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    6- chloro- 3- hexene

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