March 30, 2017

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The base and height of an original rectangle are each increased by 15%. The area of the new rectangle is k/w times the area of the original rectangle. If k and w are relatively prime positive integers, find the value of k + w.


    A2/A1 = (1.15)^2 = 1.3225 = k/w
    If k and w must be integers, and "relatively prime", then
    k/w = 13225/10000 must be reduced to the lowest ratio of prime numbers

    13225/10000 = 529/400

    Are you asking for the value of k+ w, or k AND w? It looks like 529 and 400 are your k and w.


    Actually, 529 is not a prime number; it is 23^2. I assume what is really being asked for is the lowest ratio of integers. That would be 529/400. So k would be 529 and w would be 400.

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