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medical reimbursement methodologies

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One option for providing your employee with health care coverage for work-related injuries is (this is in a state where you own a company where funds are not mandated for employee healh insurance)

1 self insurance coverage
2 medical savings plan
3 referrals to other network group

  • medical reimbursement methodologies -

    The question is faulty....self-insurance for whom? If you mean the employer buys business coverage for his employees, then he is covered for work related injuries to his employees. The sad state of affairs is that many employees are not covered, or covered in a sham legaleese manner.

    I think 1 is the best answer, faulty as it is. 3 could be right, if "referal"was spelled out and covered work related injuries.

    As a note, work related injuries and health insurance are two entirely different things.

  • medical reimbursement methodologies -

    In California, work-related injuries are paid for via Workers' Compensation:
    Employers and employees pay into this fund on a regular basis.

    Other states have their own version -- or nothing. You'd have to google workers compensation texas or whatever state you're interested in for specifics.

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